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As a Teacher, Trainer or Tutor

As an educator, you already have learning content ready to be mobilized and published to the Cloud Library.

Somewhere in your files is a lecture or presentation topic that you used in a class, training session or a tutoring assignment. These presentation resources can earn you (or your school) royalties when they are mobilized and made available for rental to teachers, independent learners, and families.

Special Note: If we select your work for publication, we cross the threshold from fair use to commercial use. You must have written permission to use all parts of your presentation. This means, quotations, images, videos, audio, and practically everything else. BE CAREFUL. Written permissions to use the materials for commercial use WILL BE required from ALL sources.

School Fundraising: Teacher Team Writing

Looking for a fundraising and professional development project – all in one?

Get a team together and start mobilizing the classes at your school. Your school can receive the royalties and your team can have a professional development opportunity at the same time.

Contact us to learn how to get started. Use the form on the Contact Us page to send your email with an expression of interest. We will send you guidelines on how to register your school and start fundraising.

How to Write a Mobile Learning Unit

Prepare a class lecture, presentation, or assignment as a single Word® document.

If images or videos are used in the work, indicate the video position with ONLY the YouTube link (see below). For images (.jpeg ONLY) place them in the document where they are used in the presentation. DO NOT SEND us a PowerPoint slide presentation.

When the document is completed and polished the way you want, save it as a PDF and submit it to the following e-mail address.


Our team will review the submission and will either, ask for changes in text or images, or request additional materials to cover the subject. Once the work meets the basic requirements, we will send each author/team an offer to publish with us and will include a copy of the Royalty Agreement.

As a Corporate or Institutional Partner

Be part of the solution to mobile teaching and learning!

Host a Cloud Library section with subjects, topics and segments for independent and classroom learning. Take your brand across the world of mobile learning.

Contact us and learn how to get started. Use the form at the About Us page to send your first contact email with an expression of interest.

Our Royalty Program

Authors who publish their topic with us receive 20% of the net royalty income from the rental sales of their topics and associated segments.

Royalty arrangements are processed after an offer to publish has been made and accepted, and the properly completed resource receives final approval by the Library administration.

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