edMobile Metrics

edMobile Metrics is comparative analysis project that aims to identify the similarities and differences across segments of the mobile teaching and learning ecosystem. The segments for the project are (1) Education Administrators, (2) Online and Traditional Classroom Teachers (Education Logistics), and (3) Education Consumers (Students).

Findings are reported monthly as a question cluster (all segments for an individual question) and are available for purchase from the eStore for

$19.95/question cluster.


Our frame of reference . . .

Our frame of reference for the research is a structure of concepts, values, customs, and strategies by means of which each segment perceives or evaluates data, communicates ideas, and regulates behavior within the learning environment.

Our grounds for comparison . . .

Our grounds for comparison are deliberate. As more and more educational programs rely on marketplace factors to fulfill mission imperatives, adaptations to that marketplace are necessary and essential to sustain a program. Thinking about education as a product to move across a marketplace is now essential.


Our thesis is specific . . .

Our thesis is specific: the three different segments of a learning environment must co-exist and interact within the environment to be successful, just as a product in a marketplace must interact and co-exist with other products and the variables of consumers.

The Segment Ecology of the Study

Administration – the process of and leadership for implementing mobile teaching and learning initiatives to fulfill an educational program mission.

Logistics – the planning, implementation, and efficiency of teaching and learning on a mobile device with a focus on delivering learning content at the point of learning consumption.

Consumption – the focus on the presentation of learning content on a mobile device to learners in traditional and online classrooms – with a special focus on the rapidly expanding independent/personal learning environment.

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