Accessibility Policy & Procedures

YAMweb® is committed to helping people with visual and hearing impairments, as well as other disabilities, can have access to their Library.

General Accommodations

Accommodations for Hearing Impairments

All bio presentation videos have native language, closed-caption subtitles as well as downloadable transcripts for each video.

Accommodations for Visual Impairments

As many pages and features as possible are compatible with screen readers and are further supported with downloadable transcripts.

Accommodations for Learning Disabilities

Customer with learning disabilities may request more time using video coupons at any of the program merchants.

 Alt Text Descriptions

Wherever necessary, we have added alt text description to non-video images.

Plus, to the system, we have added an accessibility/accommodation features menu for people with disabilities – or anyone – to use and enjoy the Library resources.

Request for Accommodation

When any individual with a disability needs special assistance, we will attempt to collect information from the user regarding the problems they are having with the library resources. Based on the information they provide, we will then assist them to improve site accessibility.

To report a problem and request assistance, please use the Report a Problem link in the Accessibility/Accommodation menu.