About Us

About Us

Learning has always been fun, we just make it more convenient !

About YAMweb®

YAMweb® is a private, secure real time electronic communication service over the Internet,
for communications among parents, students, educators and schools, that are accessed by
mobile communications devices, and an Internet website portal featuring links to student writers’ literary works and
information about such literary works, both featuring a wide variety of topics,
all via a global computer network, via mobile telephone devices and networks, and
via other electronic or digital communications devices and networks.

YAMweb® and the Young Author’s Magazine Anthology® are
registered trademarks/servicemarks of Regulus Communications, Inc. We reside in Lincoln, Nebraska USA.

How the Library Is Organized


We provide Courses, Topics, Segments, Assessments, and Reference Resources accessible on any digital device, but specifically optimized for tablets and smartphones. Our resources are divided into two categories:

Custom Learning Resources (CLR)

Where indicated, these are learning Topics contributed by individual authors/author teams from across the teaching and learning community. A free Site User Account is required to access these resources.

Open Education Resources (OER)

Where indicated, these learning Topics are adapted from Open Education Resource materials per a Creative Commons license. The attribution statement within each topic will indicate the source of the material for learners that prefer textbooks. A free Site User Account is required to access these resources.


Our resources are ideal for individuals who wish to upgrade their skills, refresh their knowledge base, or expand personal, technical, or business expertise. Our independent learning pathways are designed for a flexibility of time, a lowering of learning costs, or to build upon a personal knowledge base while becoming the next smartphone entrepreneur. And, we do so in 90+ different languages.


The Smallest Unit in the Library


Our Library is organized into Sections, with each section containing Topics, and each topic containing Segments.

The smallest unit in the Library is called a Segment. We call it a Mobile Learning Unit because it is optimized for the small screens of a tablet or smartphone. Typically, it represents a single classroom lecture or presentation.


The Technology of the Library


Our system is built upon progressive mobile web technology, removing the reliance on code developers for the design of what our students see on their devices. Progressive mobile websites are now a superior teaching tool and any teacher can create one and use it to teach students, anywhere.

When a learner logs onto a Segment, it becomes a mobile web app and can be cached (saved) to the home screen of a mobile device – with a customized home screen icon.


Checking Out Resources from the Library

Our learning resources are rented at the Topic Level and the Course Level.

Both resources may be checked out in study-time increments of weeks or months which is selected at the time of checkout based on what the learner feels is needed. The average learning time for an individual Segment is 20-30 minutes, with extra time allowed for review, re-review, assessment, and feedback. The app access timer is set based on the amount of study-time ordered.

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